Effective Business Intelligence with QuickSight

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  • Steps to test drive QuickSight and see how it fits in AWS big data eco system
  • Load data from various sources such as S3, RDS, Redshift, Athena, and SalesForce and visualize using QuickSight
  • Understand how to prepare data using QuickSight without the need of an IT developer
  • Build interactive charts, reports, dashboards, and storyboards using QuickSight
  • Access QuickSight using the mobile application
  • Architect and design for AWS Data Lake Solution, leveraging AWS hosted services
  • Build a big data project with step-by-step instructions for data collection, cataloguing, and analysis
  • Secure your data used for QuickSight from S3, RedShift, and RDS instances
  • Manage users, access controls, and SPICE capacity

Amazon QuickSight is the next-generation Business Intelligence (BI) cloud service that can help you build interactive visualizations on top of various data sources hosted on Amazon Cloud Infrastructure. QuickSight delivers responsive insights into big data and enables organizations to quickly democratize data visualizations and scale to hundreds of users at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional BI tools.

This book begins with an introduction to Amazon QuickSight, feature differentiators from traditional BI tools, and how it fits in the overall AWS big data ecosystem. With practical examples, you will find tips and techniques to load your data to AWS, prepare it, and finally visualize it using QuickSight. You will learn how to build interactive charts, reports, dashboards, and stories using QuickSight and share with others using just your browser and mobile app.

The book also provides a blueprint to build a real-life big data project on top of AWS Data Lake Solution and demonstrates how to build a modern data lake on the cloud with governance, data catalog, and analysis. It reviews the current product shortcomings, features in the roadmap, and how to provide feedback to AWS.

Grow your profits, improve your products, and beat your competitors.

  • A practical hands-on guide to improving your business with the power of BI and Quicksight
  • Immerse yourself with an end-to-end journey for effective analytics using QuickSight and related services
  • Packed with real-world examples with Solution Architectures needed for a cloud-powered Business Intelligence service
Page Count 262
Course Length 7 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781786466365
Date Of Publication 10 Mar 2017


Rajesh Nadipalli

Rajesh Nadipalli is currently Director, Professional Services and Support at Zaloni, an award-wining provider of enterprise data lake management solutions that enables global clients to innovate and leverage big data for business impact. Rajesh leads Hadoop-based technical proof-of-concepts, strategy, solution architectures, and post-sales product support for his clients. His clientele includes AIG, NBCU, Verizon, Du, American Express, Netapp, Dell-EMC, United Health Group, and Cisco. In his previous role as the director of product management, he was leading the product strategy, roadmap, and feature definitions for Zaloni's Hadoop data management platform.

Throughout his 20 plus years in IT, Rajesh has had a passion for data and held various roles as big data architect, solutions architect, database administrator (DBA), business intelligence architect, and Etldeveloper. He believes in using technology as a strategic advantage for his clients by improving productivity, performance, and real-time insight to relevant data.

Rajesh is also the author of HDInsight Essentials, by Packt publishing, which takes you through the journey of building a modern data lake architecture using HDInsight, a Hadoop-based service that allows you to successfully manage high volume and velocity data in Azure Cloud.

He is a regular blogger and his articles are published in Zaloni blog, Datafloq, and Dzone sites.

He holds a MBA from North Carolina State University and a BS in EE from University of Mumbai, India.