Developing Financial Analysis Tools [Video]

More Information
  • Install R and R Studio and get help in R.
  • Work with R and the R Studio console.
  • Perform basic arithmetic and linear algebra calculations in R
  • Explore the various data structures in R
  • Import and export datasets from various sources to R
  • Write loops in R and an introduction to internal looping functions

As most of the data on the web or residing in a database is not structured in the right way, the course will assist viewers in developing skills to manipulate, transform, and evaluate raw input data. Through the concept of tidy data and visualization tools, viewers will be able to analyze trends and study the financial markets.

Once users have developed a good understanding of financial markets and financial data, the next three sections (3, 4, and 5) will introduces users to the concepts of basic statistics, time series analysis, and forecasting. Viewers will use a variety of basic R functions and forecast package to understand statistics and perform time series analysis.

By the end of this volume users will be able to use R, learn the use of Shiny apps, understand the concept of tidy data, and generate R markdown files for sharing information.

Style and Approach

This course is shows how to build finance models and helps analyst solve their quantitative finance problems.

  • Understand the basics of R and how they can be applied in various Quantitative Finance scenarios.
  • Learn various algorithmic trading techniques, ways to optimize them, and different methods to manage risk
  • Follow this comprehensive tutorial to learn and implement various quantitative finance concepts in R
Course Length 5 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781787285125
Date Of Publication 27 Jul 2017


Atmajitsinh Gohil