Deep Learning Architecture for Building Artificial Neural Networks [Video]

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  • Learn how to utilize deep learning models and build business models around them
  • Gain a practical understanding of the architectures required to develop business use cases
  • Align your data science strategy with current and future systems in their respective ecosystem
  • Start to define data science problems and align them to specific business use case
  • Conceptualize process improvements with Deep Learning
  • Visualize leakages in your organization and fix them with deep learning
  • Predict outcomes of processes and propose improvements

The course starts off with an introduction to Deep Learning and the different tools, hardware, and software before we begin to understand the different training models. We then get to what everyone is talking about: Neural Networks.

Here we understand how Neural Networks work and the benefits they offer for supervised and well as unsupervised learning before building our very own neural network. We will then move on to understanding the different Deep Learning Architectures, including how to set up your architecture and align the output. Finally we take a look at Artificial Neural Networks and understand how to build your own ANN.

Taking this course will help you dive head first into the popular field of deep learning as a career choice or for further learning.

Style and Approach

This course will give you an introduction to deep learning and its architectures with real-world use cases and neural networks, while exposing you to Deep Learning architectures. Also covered will be an introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and their implementation with practical sessions.

  • Get a thorough understanding of the Deep Learning architecture and how it's used in the real world
  • Get familiar with the different Deep Learning models
  • Apply supervised and unsupervised learning to your daily projects
Course Length 1 hour 42 minutes
ISBN 9781788395106
Date Of Publication 27 Jun 2018


Anshul Srivastav

Anshul is a global technology leader who has been instrumental in driving technology transformations for business revenues in the range of multi Billion USD.

His experience has been in taking up strategic technology initiatives, architecting, delivering, and managing them at an enterprise level.

Anshul has several notable career accomplishments, wherein he has led, created, and launched key ecommerce, mobile, and business intelligence initiatives for the world's #1 insurance brand AXA, in the fastest growing emerging markets of Asia

He is currently in a leadership role as the Chief Information Officer Information Technology and Digital Officer, leading the IT Strategy, Technology Transformations, Analytics, software delivery, architecture and Cloud for Union Insurance (UAE, Oman and Bahrain) across all lines of business (Life, General (P&C ) and Health Insurance) Creating and Driving big strategic Initiatives aligning IT transformation to deliver business value. Major Cloud transformations impacted the bottom line of Union by multimillion AED in the first year. Transformation on Digital added multimillion revenues in Life, P&C and Health lines of business. Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Robotic Process Automation are some key business transformations implemented recently.

He is a transformational leader and Senior Management IT professional, with almost two decades of experience spread across multiple geographies (US, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East). Anshul has built and led local, regional, and global teams across 3 continents, and capitalized on opportunities to drive revenues, profits, and growth. Strong P&L management.

Anshul has been mentoring startups, management students (IIM Bangalore), and incubators/accelerators such as Astro Labs Dubai, T Labs, CH9, Flat6 labs, and other incubators since 2012. Startups mentored are in the tech space of analytics, mobility, tech-based microfinance institutions, healthcare tech and analytics, and tech-based retail merchandising, logistics and mobile wallets spread across geographies including Singapore, Dubai and Middle East, India and Europe.

Anshul is a speaker on Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Digital Transformation, Cloud and Mobility.

He won a couple of Star Performer of the Year Awards from AXA India & AXA Asia. Three times he has been awarded the AXA innovation award both at AXA Asia and AXA Group level.

CIO of the year award, InfoSec Maestro Award, CSO Next of the year award .

CISO award from MESA Dubai.

CIO award from CNME Dubai.

Anshul writes on innovation, big data and technology transformations, Blockchain and had a couple of articles published in CNME, Innovation and Tech Middle East, Data quest, LinkedIn, and PM Network.