Data Visualization Recipes in Python [Video]

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  • Create beautiful and insightful visualizations through pandas' direct hooks to Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Utilize pandas' unparalleled time series functionality
  • Split data into independent groups before applying aggregations and transformations to each group
  • Prepare real-world messy datasets for machine learning
  • Combine and merge data from different sources through pandas' SQL-like operations

Visualization is a critical component in exploratory data analysis, as well as presentations and applications. If you are struggling in your day-to-day data analysis tasks, then this is the right course for you. This fast-pace guide follows a recipe-based approach, each video focusing on a commonly-faced issue.

This course covers advanced and powerful time series capabilities so you can dissect by any possible dimension of time. It introduces the Matplotlib library, which is responsible for all of the plotting in pandas, at the same time focusing on the pandas plot method and the Seaborn library, which is capable of producing aesthetically pleasing visualizations not directly available in pandas. This course guides you, as if you were looking over the shoulder of an expert, through practical situations that you are highly likely to encounter.

Style and Approach

The author relies on his vast experience teaching Python in a professional setting to deliver very detailed explanations for each line of code in all of the recipes. All code and dataset explanations reside in Jupyter Notebooks, an excellent interface for exploring data.

  • Produce aesthetically pleasing visualizations on real-world datasets
  • Leverage fast, robust data structures in pandas to gain useful insights from your data
  • Practical, easy to implement recipes for quick solutions to common problems in data analysis
  • Explore how to analyze data using Python with different data visualizing techniques
Course Length 1 hour 43 minutes
ISBN 9781789340495
Date Of Publication 15 May 2018


Theodore Petrou

Theodore Petrou is the founder of Dunder Data, a training company dedicated to helping teach the Python data science ecosystem effectively to individuals and corporations. Read his tutorials and attempt his data science challenges at the Dunder Data website.

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