Data Analysis and Business Modeling with Excel 2013

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  • Discover what Excel formulas are all about and how to use them in your spreadsheet development
  • Identify bad data and learn cleaning strategies
  • Create interactive spreadsheets that engage and appeal to your audience
  • Leverage Excel’s powerful built-in tools to get the median, maximum, and minimum values of your data
  • Build impressive tables and combine datasets using Excel’s built-in functionality
  • Learn the powerful scripting language VBA, allowing you to implement your own custom solutions with ease

Excel 2013 is one of the easiest to use data analysis tools you will ever come across. Its simplicity and powerful features has made it the go to tool for all your data needs. Complex operations with Excel, such as creating charts and graphs, visualization, and analyzing data make it a great tool for managers, data scientists, financial data analysts, and those who work closely with data. Learning data analysis and will help you bring your data skills to the next level.

This book starts by walking you through creating your own data and bringing data into Excel from various sources. You’ll learn the basics of SQL syntax and how to connect it to a Microsoft SQL Server Database using Excel’s data connection tools. You will discover how to spot bad data and strategies to clean that data to make it useful to you. Next, you'll learn to create custom columns, identify key metrics, and make decisions based on business rules. You’ll create macros using VBA and use Excel 2013’s shiny new macros. Finally, at the end of the book, you'll be provided with useful shortcuts and tips, enabling you to do efficient data analysis and business modeling with Excel 2013.

  • Create formulas to help you analyze and explain findings
  • Develop interactive spreadsheets that will impress your audience and give them the ability to slice and dice data
  • A step-by-step guide to learn various ways to model data for businesses with the help of Excel 2013
Page Count 226
Course Length 6 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781785289545
Date Of Publication 27 Oct 2015


David Rojas

David Rojas is a data enthusiast and Python evangelist. Currently, he is enjoying his time as a consultant in the data world. He lives in the Silicon Valley and is active within the data community. After receiving a degree from the University of Florida as an industrial and systems engineer and obtaining a minor in sales engineering, he received his state license as an engineer in training. Soon thereafter, he pursued a career change to the IT world as a data analyst and discovered his passion for data using various tools in order to manage and analyze data in a better way. After many years of working in a wide range of odd data roles, such as reporting, gathering requirements, writing documentation, working with databases, and working with flat files, he decided to make his love for data a reality and started his own business ( You will often find his work being cited by various professors and other data enthusiasts around the Bay Area.