Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson

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  • Get well-versed with the APIs provided by IBM Watson on IBM Cloud
  • Understand ML, AI, cognitive computing, and neural network principles
  • Implement smart applications in fields such as healthcare, entertainment, security, and more
  • Explore unstructured data using cognitive metadata with the help of Natural Language Understanding
  • Discover the capabilities of IBM Watson’s APIs by using them to create real-life applications
  • Delve into various domains of cognitive computing, such as media analytics, embedded deep learning, computer vision, and more

Cognitive computing is rapidly becoming a part of every aspect of our lives through data science, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). It allows computing systems to learn and keep on improving as the amount of data in the system increases.

This book introduces you to a whole new paradigm of computing – a paradigm that is totally different from the conventional computing of the Information Age. You will learn the concepts of ML, deep learning (DL), neural networks, and AI with the help of IBM Watson APIs. This book will help you build your own applications to understand, and solve problems, and analyze them as per your needs. You will explore various domains of cognitive computing, such as NLP, voice processing, computer vision, emotion analytics, and conversational systems.

Equipped with the knowledge of machine learning concepts, how computers do their magic, and the applications of these concepts, you’ll be able to research and apply cognitive computing in your projects.

  • Work with IBM Watson APIs to build efficient and powerful cognitive apps
  • Build smart apps to carry out different sets of activities with the help of real-world use cases
  • Get well-versed with the best practices of IBM Watson and implement them in your daily work
Page Count 256
Course Length 7 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781788478298
Date Of Publication 30 Apr 2019


Rob High

Rob High is an IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM's Edge Computing business. Previously, he was CTO for IBM Watson, responsible for setting the technical strategy and vision for IBM's leadership in AI computing. High is recognized as a global technical leader, author, and evangelist, and was named an IBM Fellow in 2008 for his pioneering work in the field of SOA and for his leadership on WebSphere.

Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi is a cognitive computing and AI developer, a keynote and TED speaker, an algorithm-ist, a YouTuber, IBM Champion for Cloud, an Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, and a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning. He has resolved to reach out to and help at least 100,000 novices and beginners so they can learn how to code.