Cinder - Begin Creative Coding

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  • Set up the Cinder development environment to let you start a new project in the fastest way possible
  • Generative animation basics that will allow you to create endless loops without a frame that repeats itself
  • Cinder and Open Sound Control – how to control and be controlled by other OSC enabled applications
  • Use widely used functionality included many other creative coding frameworks in Cinder
  • Explore Cinder and projection mapping by using Syphon and MadMapper

Cinder is one of the most powerful professional grade C++ creative coding frameworks out there. It is open-source and peer-reviewed, meaning that there are experienced professionals behind its developmentand that every development step is taken seriously. Its philosophy is based on the capabilities of the operating system it is used for - Cinder will take the best from every OS and hardware you choose to work on.

Cinder - Begin Creative Coding will let you take your previous creative coding experience to a higher and also more demanding level. It will show you the Cinder way of using the most used creative coding functions for drawing, animation, interaction and allow you to do much more in terms of performance and cross-application-compatibility.

Starting by downloading Cinder and setting up the development environment, we will work through some of the most widely used topics in creative coding by creating and discussing simple sample applications.

Throughout this book we will deal with relatively simple topics like basic drawing, basic animation, basic 3D, interaction, loading files, playing back video files, applying built in and custom effects. Then going through to more advanced topics like how to use Cinder for a generative projection mapping project by using Syphon technology and how to connect Open Sound Control enabled applications for receiving and sending data and commands.

Cinder - Begin Creative Coding will bring your craziest ideas closer to the core of your computer by using the pure power of C++.

  • More power - Cinder is one of the most powerful creative coding engines out there and it will be hard to find a better one for your professional grade project
  • Do it fast - each section should not take longer than one hour to complete
  • We give you the tools and it is up to you what you do with them - we won't go into complicated algorithms, but rather give you the brushes and paints so you can paint the way you already know
Page Count 146
Course Length 4 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781849519564
Date Of Publication 21 Feb 2013


Krisjanis Rijnieks

Krisjanis Rijnieks is a new media professional with a background in painting and multimedia. He holds a BA in painting and parallel to his painting studies he has been doing a lot of things related to print, video, web, Flash, Flash coding, and coding in general. It is not possible to name all the different categories of work, but through all this a strong interest towards interactive digital media has been developed. Creative coding is a new field that brings the art and design fields much closer to coding. As Krisjanis has been doing projects on both sides, the combination of the two seemed natural. It is a way of using ones creative visual and logical skills together without worrying that an unsolvable conflict between the left and right side of the brain will occur. For the past two years Krisjanis has been involved in many projects that include creative coding with technologies like Flash ActionScript, openFrameworks, Cinder, iOS, Unity 3D, Kinect, Augmented Reality, Quartz Composer, VDMX and projection mapping with MadMapper. Experience gathered throughout these projects requires searching for new and more powerful tools and skills constantly. Cinder a tool that allows one to combine the hottest topics of today’s computer science (computer vision, gesture recognition, etc.) with the craziest ideas and make them work real-time without acceleration lags. Currently Krisjanis is studying in the New Media MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, also known as the Helsinki Media Lab in Finland. He is also doing freelance commercial projects and taking his first entrepreneurial steps by managing his company called Skematic. This is the very first book Krisjanis has written, and it was fun and rewarding in terms of knowledge and experience.