C# Machine Learning Projects

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  • Set up the C# environment for machine learning with required packages
  • Build classification models for spam email filtering
  • Get to grips with feature engineering using NLP techniques for Twitter sentiment analysis
  • Forecast foreign exchange rates using continuous and time-series data
  • Make a recommendation model for music genre recommendation
  • Familiarize yourself with munging image data and Neural Network models for handwritten-digit recognition
  • Use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for cyber attack detection
  • One-Class Support Vector Machine for credit card fraud detection

Machine learning is applied in almost all kinds of real-world surroundings and industries, right from medicine to advertising; from finance to scientifc research. This book will help you learn how to choose a model for your problem, how to evaluate the performance of your models, and how you can use C# to build machine learning models for your future projects.

You will get an overview of the machine learning systems and how you, as a C# and .NET developer, can apply your existing knowledge to the wide gamut of intelligent applications, all through a project-based approach. You will start by setting up your C# environment for machine learning with the required packages, Accord.NET, LiveCharts, and Deedle. We will then take you right from building classifcation models for spam email fltering and applying NLP techniques to Twitter sentiment analysis, to time-series and regression analysis for forecasting foreign exchange rates and house prices, as well as drawing insights on customer segments in e-commerce. You will then build a recommendation model for music genre recommendation and an image recognition model for handwritten digits. Lastly, you will learn how to detect anomalies in network and credit card transaction data for cyber attack and credit card fraud detections.

By the end of this book, you will be putting your skills in practice and implementing your machine learning knowledge in real projects.

  • Produce classification, regression, association, and clustering models
  • Expand your understanding of machine learning and C#
  • Get to grips with C# packages such as Accord.net, LiveCharts, and Deedle
Page Count 350
Course Length 10 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781788996402
Date Of Publication 17 Jun 2018


Yoon Hyup Hwang

Yoon Hyup Hwang is a seasoned data scientist in the marketing and financial sectors with expertise in predictive modeling, machine learning, statistical analysis, and data engineering. He has 8+ years' experience of building numerous machine learning models and data products using Python and R. He holds an MSE in computer and information technology from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in economics from the University of Chicago.

In his spare time, he enjoys practicing various martial arts, snowboarding, and roasting coffee. Born and raised in Busan, South Korea, he currently works in New York and lives in New Jersey with his artist wife, Sunyoung, and a playful dog, Dali (named after Salvador Dali).