Building Data Streaming Applications with Apache Kafka

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  • Learn the basics of Apache Kafka from scratch
  • Use the basic building blocks of a streaming application
  • Design effective streaming applications with Kafka using Spark, Storm &, and Heron
  • Understand the importance of a low -latency , high- throughput, and fault-tolerant messaging system
  • Make effective capacity planning while deploying your Kafka Application
  • Understand and implement the best security practices

Apache Kafka is a popular distributed streaming platform that acts as a messaging queue or an enterprise messaging system. It lets you publish and subscribe to a stream of records, and process them in a fault-tolerant way as they occur.

This book is a comprehensive guide to designing and architecting enterprise-grade streaming applications using Apache Kafka and other big data tools. It includes best practices for building such applications, and tackles some common challenges such as how to use Kafka efficiently and handle high data volumes with ease. This book first takes you through understanding the type messaging system and then provides a thorough introduction to Apache Kafka and its internal details. The second part of the book takes you through designing streaming application using various frameworks and tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and more. Once you grasp the basics, we will take you through more advanced concepts in Apache Kafka such as capacity planning and security.

By the end of this book, you will have all the information you need to be comfortable with using Apache Kafka, and to design efficient streaming data applications with it.

  • Build efficient real-time streaming applications in Apache Kafka to process data streams of data
  • Master the core Kafka APIs to set up Apache Kafka clusters and start writing message producers and consumers
  • A comprehensive guide to help you get a solid grasp of the Apache Kafka concepts in Apache Kafka with pracitcalpractical examples
Page Count 278
Course Length 8 hours 20 minutes
ISBN 9781787283985
Date Of Publication 17 Aug 2017


Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar is a Technical Architect at DataMetica Solution Pvt. Ltd.. He has approximately 11 years' experience in data management, working as a Data Architect and Product Architect. He has extensive experience in building effective ETL pipelines, implementing security over Hadoop, and providing the best possible solutions to data science problems. Before joining the world of big data, he worked as an Tech Lead for Sears Holding, India. He is a regular speaker on big data concepts such as Hadoop and Hadoop Security in various events. Manish has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and he is Co-Author of Building Data Streaming Application with Apache Kafka.

Chanchal Singh

Chanchal Singh has over half decades experience in Product Development and Architect Design. He has been working very closely with leadership team of various companies including directors ,CTO's and Founding members to define technical road-map for company.He is the Founder and Speaker at meetup group Big Data and AI Pune MeetupExperience Speaks. He is Co-Author of Book Building Data Streaming Application with Apache Kafka. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai and a Master's degree in Computer Application from Amity University. He was also part of the Entrepreneur Cell in IIT Mumbai. His Linkedin Profile can be found at with the username Chanchal Singh.