Big Data Analytics Projects with Apache Spark [Video]

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  • Learn See how to process big data effectively 
  • Examine a number of real-world use cases and hands-on code examples. 
  • Build Hadoop and Apache Spark jobs that process data quickly and effectively.
  • Write programs for complex data analysis and solving to solve real real-world problems
  • Explore the Map/Reduce Hadoop and Spark approach for solvinto solveg data analysis problems.

Ready to use statistical and machine-learning techniques across large data sets? This course shows you how the Apache Spark and the Hadoop MapReduce ecosystem is perfect for the job.

This course contains various projects that consist of real-world examples. The first project is to find top selling products for an e-commerce business by efficiently joining data sets in the Map/Reduce paradigm. Next, a Market Basket Analysis will help you identify items likely to be purchased together and find correlations between items in a set of transactions.

Moving on, you'll learn about probabilistic logistic regression by finding an author for a post. Next, you'll build a content-based recommendation system for movies to predict whether an action will happen, which we’ll do by building a trained model. Finally, we’ll use the Map/Reduce Spark program to calculate mutual friends on social network.

By the end of this course, you’ll have been exposed to a wide variety of mathematical techniques that can be utilized as training models with the Spark and Hadoop software, and know how to solve common problems.

Style and Approach

This will help you perform data analysis, introducing to each subject by example and practice that makes the audience more productive after each video.

  • Explore and analyze large volumes of data effectively by combining the power of Big Data processing tools such as Hadoop and Spark.
  • Work with different kinds of data and implement various probabilistic models.
  • Learn the best use cases, identify the problem areas, and solved meet them with the help of the right data science techniques and methods for your projects.
Course Length 2 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781789132373
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2018


Tomasz Lelek

Tomasz Lelek is a software engineer who programs mostly in Java and Scala. He has worked with the core Java language for the past six years. He has developed multiple production Java software projects that work in a reactive way. He is passionate about nearly everything associated with software development and believes that we should always try to consider different solutions and approaches before solving a problem. Recently, he was a speaker at conferences in Poland, at JDD (Java Developers Day), and at Krakow Scala User Group. He has also conducted a live coding session at Geecon Conference. He is a co-founder of initLearn, an e-learning platform that was built with the Java language. He has also written articles about everything related to the Java world.