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Apache Solr Essentials

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  • Index your data using formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV
  • Manage, monitor, and tune a Solr instance
  • Deploy Apache Solr in different environments, depending upon your project requirements
  • Refine your search with various Solr client APIs
  • Create custom components by leveraging the Apache Solr extension points
  • Understand and utilize replication and sharding methods in a distributed search system
  • Create and customize your own Solr instance for your project

Search is everywhere. Users always expect a search facility in mobile or web applications that allows them to find things in a fast and friendly manner.

Apache Solr Essentials is a fast-paced guide to help you quickly learn the process of creating a scalable, efficient, and powerful search application. The book starts off by explaining the fundamentals of Solr and then goes on to cover various topics such as data indexing, ways of extending Solr, client APIs and their indexing and data searching capabilities, an introduction to the administration, monitoring, and tuning of a Solr instance, as well as the concepts of sharding and replication. Next, you'll learn about various Solr extensions and how to contribute to the Solr community. By the end of this book, you will be able to create excellent search applications with the help of Solr.

  • Learn the Apache Solr conceptual framework for robust search application creation.
  • Customize your search applications to meet your project specifications.
  • A fast paced guide that maximizes the data searching capability of your application.
Page Count 214
Course Length 6 hours 25 minutes
Date Of Publication 26 Feb 2015


Andrea Gazzarini

Andrea Gazzarini is a software engineer. He has mainly focused on the Java technology. Although often involved in analysis and design, he strongly loves coding and definitely likes to be considered a developer.

Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in various software branches, from telecom to banking software. He has worked for several medium- and large-scale companies, such as IBM and Orga Systems.

Andrea has several certifications in the Java programming language (programmer, developer, web component developer, business component developer, and JEE architect), BEA products (build and portal solutions), and Apache Solr (Lucid Apache Solr/Lucene Certified Developer).

In 2009, Andrea stepped into the wonderful world of open source projects, and in the same year, he became a committer for the Apache Qpid project. His adventure with Solr began in 2010, when he joined @Cult, an Italian company that mainly focuses its projects on library management systems, online access public catalogs, and linked data.

He's currently involved in several (too many!) projects, always thinking about a "big" idea that will change his (developer) life.