Apache Solr 5.x Beginner's Guide - Second Edition

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  • Define a simple and effective full-text search
  • Write configurations incrementally and test them with the Solr web UI or CURL
  • Get acquainted with the logical structure of an Inverted Index
  • Understand how to use the text analysis chain and customize searches for different use cases
  • Use faceted search, simple analytics, or data clustering to enhance users� search experience
  • Import data from various sources (including XML and databases), clean or expand it with scripting, and expose it it using several formats such as CSV, JSON, and XML
  • Use Solr UI for simple maintenance tasks

Apache Solr is a standalone enterprise search server, exposing services for advanced text search, spatial search, faceted search, and analytics. Solr�s architecture is very fast and scalable, from working prototypes to complex distributed architecture. The internal workflow is also open to components� customization, and integration with external tools for advanced text analysis.

This book is a practical introduction to the Solr platform that shows you how to configure your own search engine experience and embed a search engine in your website to help users navigate the data.

We start with the basics of how to use Solr and perform indexing on the default installation. You�ll be introduced to the workings of the Solr schema API, the structure of an inverted index, text analysis, and the concept of similarity. Next, we demonstrate indexing and searching with some sample data.

Moving on, you�ll learn how to use a faceted search and work with multiple entities and multicores, and how to index external data sources such as open source datasets. You�ll get to grips with basic SolrCloud concepts such as routing / shard splitting, Zookeeper, and clustering Solr for distributed searches using SolrCloud. You�ll also learn how to detect language with Tika and LangDetect.

At the end of the book, we create a project on a site for bookcrossing, which puts all the concepts together to give you the bigger picture.

  • Apache Solr provides you with a powerful, faceted, geo-spatial text search, along with rich document handling
  • This book gives you hands-on experience of real-world implementations using Solr Search
  • Use Apache Solr to build and customize Solr/Lucene based search solutions using indexing
Page Count 447
ISBN 97817852824309781785285639
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2017


Alfredo Serafini

Alfredo Serafini is a freelance software consultant who is currently living in Rome, Italy.

He has a mixed education background, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering (2003, with a thesis on Music Information Retrieval), and a professional Master's course in Sound Engineering (2007, with a thesis on gestural interface to the MAX/MSP platform).

From 2003 to 2006, he worked as a consultant and developer for Artificial Intelligence Research at the Tor Vergata (ART) group. During this time, he had his first chance to play with the Lucene library. Since then, he has worked as a freelancer, teaching programming languages, mentoring small companies on topics such as information retrieval and linked data, and collaborating as a software engineer on projects in the context of cultural heritage and the public sector.

He is currently an enthusiast of the Scala language, graph databases, and linked open data.

You can find more information about his activities on his “designed to be unfinished” website: http://seralf.it.