Apache Mesos Cookbook

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  • Set up Mesos on different operating systems
  • Use the Marathon and Chronos frameworks to manage multiple applications
  • Work with Mesos and Docker
  • Integrate Mesos with Spark and other big data frameworks
  • Use networking features in Mesos for effective communication between containers
  • Configure Mesos for high availability using Zookeeper
  • Secure your Mesos clusters with SASL and Authorization ACLs
  • Solve everyday problems and discover the best practices

Apache Mesos is open source cluster sharing and management software. Deploying and managing scalable applications in large-scale clustered environments can be difficult, but Apache Mesos makes it easier with efficient resource isolation and sharing across application frameworks.

The goal of this book is to guide you through the practical implementation of the Mesos core along with a number of Mesos supported frameworks. You will begin by installing Mesos and then learn how to configure clusters and maintain them. You will also see how to deploy a cluster in a production environment with high availability using Zookeeper.

Next, you will get to grips with using Mesos, Marathon, and Docker to build and deploy a PaaS. You will see how to schedule jobs with Chronos. We’ll demonstrate how to integrate Mesos with big data frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop, and Storm. Practical solutions backed with clear examples will also show you how to deploy elastic big data jobs.

You will find out how to deploy a scalable continuous integration and delivery system on Mesos with Jenkins. Finally, you will configure and deploy a highly scalable distributed search engine with ElasticSearch.

Throughout the course of this book, you will get to know tips and tricks along with best practices to follow when working with Mesos.

  • Learn to install and configure Mesos to suit the needs of your organization
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to deploy application frameworks on top of Mesos, saving you many hours of research and trial and error
  • Use this practical guide packed with powerful recipes to implement Mesos and easily integrate it with other application frameworks
Page Count 146
Course Length 4 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781785884627
Date Of Publication 1 Aug 2017


David Blomquist

David Blomquist been working with computers since the 1980s. His first computer was an Apple Macintosh and the first networked computer he managed was a 10 terminal Xenix system. Since that time, David has held positions in virtually every area of IT, including operations, development, and architecture. David now specializes in designing Big Data, HPC, and Grid Computing systems with applications in Health Care and Science. Most recently, he has designed and deployed several large-scale clusters for the Federal Government.

Tomasz Janiszewski

Tomasz Janiszewski is a software engineer passionate about distributed systems. He believes in free and open source philosophy and occasionally contributes to projects on GitHub. He actively participate in Mesos community and spread his knowledge on mailing list and StackOverflow. He is involved in Marathon development and building PaaS on top of Mesos and Marathon.