Apache Kafka Cookbook

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  • Learn how to configure Kafka brokers for better efficiency
  • Explore how to configure producers and consumers for optimal performance
  • Set up tools for maintaining and operating Apache Kafka
  • Create producers and consumers for Apache Kafka in Java
  • Understand how Apache Kafka can be used by several third party system for big data processing, such as Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and more
  • Monitor Apache Kafka using tools like graphite and Ganglia

This book will give you details about how to manage and administer your Apache Kafka Cluster.

We will cover topics like how to configure your broker, producer, and consumer for maximum efficiency for your situation. Also, you will learn how to maintain and administer your cluster for fault tolerance. We will also explore tools provided with Apache Kafka to do regular maintenance operations. We shall also look at how to easily integrate Apache Kafka with big data tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and Elasticsearch.

  • Quickly configure and manage your Kafka cluster
  • Learn how to use the Apache Kafka cluster and connect it with tools for big data processing
  • A practical guide to monitor your Apache Kafka installation
Page Count 128
Course Length 3 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781785882449
Date Of Publication 3 Dec 2015


Saurabh Minni

Saurabh Minni has an BE in computer science and engineering. A polyglot programmer with over 10 years of experience, he has worked on a variety of technologies, including Assembly, C, C++, Java, Delphi, JavaScript, Android, iOS, PHP, Python, ZMQ, Redis, Mongo, Kyoto Tycoon, Cocoa, Carbon, Apache Storm, and Elasticsearch. In short, he is a programmer at heart, and loves learning new tech-related things each day.

Currently, he is working as a technical architect with Near (an amazing start-up that builds a location intelligence platform). Apart from handling several projects, he was also responsible for deploying Apache Kafka cluster. This was instrumental in streamlining the consumption of data in the big data processing systems, such as Apache Storm, Hadoop, and others at Near.

He has also reviewed Learning Apache Kafka, Packt Publishing.

He is reachable on Twitter at @the100rabh and on Github at https://github.com/the100rabh/.