Apache Accumulo for Developers

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  • Set up Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Accumulo
  • Monitor clusters - both performance and application logs
  • Secure your data in Accumulo
  • Optimize Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Accumulo performance
  • Integrate to various cloud platforms
  • Use the Accumulo command-line shell
  • Employ Ganglina to monitor the cluster and Graylog2 to monitor application logs
  • Understand what tools are needed to optimize Accumulo performance

Accumulo is a sorted and distributed key/value store designed to handle large amounts of data. Being highly robust and scalable, its performance makes it ideal for real-time data storage. Apache Accumulo is based on Google's BigTable design and is built on top of Apache Hadoop, Zookeeper, and Thrift.

Apache Accumulo for Developers is your guide to building an Accumulo cluster both as a single-node and multi-node, on-site and in the cloud. Accumulo has been proven to be able to handle petabytes of data, with cell-level security, and real-time analyses so this is your step by step guide in taking full advantage of this power.

Apache Accumulo for Developers looks at the process of setting up three systems - Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Accumulo – and configuring, monitoring, and securing them.

You will learn to connect Accumulo to both Hadoop and ZooKeeper. You will also learn how to monitor the cluster (single-node or multi-node) to find any performance bottlenecks, and then integrate to Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, and Windows Azure. When integrating with these cloud platforms, we will focus on scripting as well.

You will also learn to troubleshoot clusters with monitoring tools, and use Accumulo cell-level security to secure your data.

  • Shows you how to build Accumulo, Hadoop, and ZooKeeper clusters from scratch on both Windows and Linux
  • Allows you to get hands-on knowledge about how to run Accumulo on Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, and Windows Azure Cloud platforms
  • Packed with practical examples to enable you to manipulate Accumulo with ease
Page Count 120
Course Length 3 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781783285990
Date Of Publication 15 Oct 2013


Guðmundur Jón Halldórsson

Guðmundur Jón Halldórsson is a Software Engineer who enjoys the challenges of complex problems and pays close attention to detail. He is an annual speaker at the Icelandic Computer Society (SKY, http://www.utmessan.is/). Guðmundur is a Software Engineer with extensive experience and management skills, and works for Five Degrees (www.fivedegrees.nl), a banking software company. The company develops and sells high-quality banking software. As a Senior Software Engineer, he is responsible for the development of a backend banking system produced by the company. Guðmundur has a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from the Reykjavik University. Guðmundur has a long period of work experience as a Software Engineer since 1996. He has worked for a large bank in Iceland, an insurance company, and a large gaming company where he was in the core EVE Online team. Guðmundur is passionate about whatever he does. He loves to play online chess and Sudoku. And when he has time, he likes to read science fiction and history books. He maintains a Facebook page to network with his friends and readers, and blogs about the wonders of programming and cloud computing at http://www.gudmundurjon.net/.