Advanced Techniques for Exploring Data Sets with Pandas [Video]

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  • Learn how to read different kinds of data into pandas DataFrames for data analysis
  • Practice how to manipulate, transform and apply formulas on data imported into pandas DataFrames
  • Master analyzing and visualizing different kinds of data using pandas to gain real-world insights
  • Use pandas to make predictions using Machine Learning and Scikit-learn
  • Work with big data using pandas
  • Manipulate quantitative financial data and model time-series data, perform algorithmic trading, derive results on fixed and moving windows, and more
  • Advance to the next level in pandas by learning complex techniques
  • Take transformed data out of pandas DataFrames and into the formats your application expects

In this course, you will learn how to start using pandas from end-to-end: from getting your data into pandas; using pandas to manipulate, transform, analyze, and visualize data; to ultimately taking your transformed data out of pandas into any number of formats.

This course will get you (or anyone who has never used pandas) started on using it as a complete end-to-end data analysis workflow. You will start by setting up Python, pandas, and Jupyter notebooks. You will learn how to use Jupyter notebooks to run Python code. We will then show how to get data into pandas and do some exploratory analysis. You will learn how to manipulate and reshape data using pandas methods. You will also learn how to deal with missing data from your datasets, how to draw charts and plots using pandas and Matplotlib, and how to create some cool visualizations for your audience. Finally, you will wrap-up your newly gained pandas knowledge by learning how to get data out of pandas into some popular file formats.

Style and Approach

This video course, which as a standalone course in itself, will begin by introducing a concept and very quickly the user can follow-on and start attempting code examples.

  • This course will help you explore techniques for expanding your knowledge with data sets in pandas
  • Data sets in Pandas can be utilized in different ways; you'll learn to do this using advanced techniques
  • Know how you can select data, manipulate it, transform it, and reshape it
Course Length 1 hour 45 minutes
ISBN 9781788397599
Date Of Publication 27 Jul 2017


Harish Garg

Harish Garg is a Principal Software Developer, author, and co-founder of a software development and training company, Bignumworks. Harish has more than 19 years of experience in a wide variety of technologies, including blockchain, data science and enterprise software. During this time, he has worked for companies such as McAfee, Intel, etc.