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  • Extract names, places, and more and their relationships from text
  • Build a recommendation engine for finding new music
  • Use deep reinforcement learning to build an AI that plays arcade games
  • Employ the SpaCy and textacy libraries for natural language processing
  • Use popular libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow for reinforcement learning

Considered the Holy Grail of automation, data analysis, and robotics, Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm as a major field of research and development. Python has surfaced as a dominate language in AI/ML programming because of its simplicity and flexibility, in addition to its great support for open source libraries such as spaCy and TensorFlow.

This video course is built for those with a basic understanding of artificial intelligence, introducing them to advanced artificial intelligence projects as they go ahead. The first project introduces natural language processing including part-of-speech tagging and named entity extraction. Wikipedia articles are used to demonstrate the extraction of keywords, and the Enron email archive is mined for mentions and relationships of people, places, and organizations. The spaCy library is used. The next project introduces genetic algorithms. The DEAP library is used. A music data set is used in a genetic algorithm that generates a music playlist satisfying multiple criteria such as song similarity and playlist length. The last project introduces reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning. The OpenAI Gym platform and Q-learning algorithm are used to build a game-playing AI.

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Style and Approach

Built for AI enthusiasts, machine learning and deep learning students, and developers across three realistic projects, this course covers modern techniques that will take your AI game with Python to the next level.

  • Hands-on projects that simplify your first steps into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Master AI concepts that will get you up-and-running with AI in no time
  • Leverage popular Python deep learning libraries for your Artificial Intelligence projects
Course Length 2 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781788832403
Date Of Publication 28 Mar 2018


Dr. Joshua Eckroth

Dr. Joshua Eckroth is assistant professor of computer science at Stetson University, where he teaches artificial intelligence (AI), big data mining and analytics, and software engineering. He earned his PhD from The Ohio State University in AI and cognitive science. Dr. Eckroth also serves as Chief Architect at i2k Connect, which focuses on transforming documents into structured data using AI and enriched with subject matter expertise.

Dr. Eckroth has previously published two video series with Packt, Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners and Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python. His academic publications may be found on Google Scholar.