Administrating Solr

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  • Install Solr and handle requests and responses
  • Utilize various search types like faceted, geospatial, and distributed search
  • Monitor metrics like stats.jsp, Solr with JMX, and password-based authentication both for single-user and multi-user environments
  • Back up your Solr using the Solr Replication Handler and configure your Solr logs
  • Create scripts to configure indexer and slave servers
  • Understand and create business rules using Drools
  • Learn about and configure language detection features like Tika and LangDetect
  • Discover OpenNLP and the activities it can perform including tokenization, sentence splitting, part-of-speech tagging, and so on
  • Implement Apache Solr with Drupal

Implementing different search engines on web products is a mandate these days. Apache Solr is a robust search engine, but simply implementing Apache Solr and forgetting about it is not a good idea, especially when you have to fight for the search ranking of your web product. In such a scenario, you need to keep monitoring, administrating, and optimizing your Solr to retain your ranking.

"Administrating Solr" is a practical, hands-on guide. This book will provide you with a number of clear, step-by-step exercises and some advanced concepts which will help you administrate, monitor, and optimize Solr using Drupal and associated scripts. Administrating Solr will also provide you with a solid grounding on how you can use Apache Solr with Drupal.

"Administrating Solr" starts with an overview of Apache Solr and the installation process to get you familiar with Solr. It then gradually moves on to discuss the mysteries that make Solr flexible enough to render appropriate search results in different scenarios. This book will take you through clear and practical concepts that will help you monitor, administrate, and optimize your Solr appropriately using both scripts and tools. This book will also teach you ways to query your search and methods to keep your Solr healthy and well maintained. With this book, you will learn how to effectively implement and optimize Solr using Drupal.

  • Learn how to work with monitoring tools like OpsView, New Relic, and SPM
  • Utilize Solr scripts and Collection Distribution scripts to manage Solr
  • Employ search features like querying, categorizing, search based on location, and distributed search
Page Count 120
Course Length 3 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781783283255
Date Of Publication 14 Oct 2013


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