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ActionScript Graphing Cookbook

Peter Backx, Dominic Gélineau

Learn how to create appealing and interactive visual presentations of your data in ActionScript with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693202
Paperback288 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how to create various visually dynamic graphs and charts
  • Import data from different sources, such as web services
  • Learn how to map geographical data, visualize in 3D

Who This Book Is For

The "ActionScript Graphing Cookbook" is aimed at any ActionScript developer who wants to add data visualization to their skill set. The reader should be familiar with ActionScript basics, but no deep knowledge of any graphical functions is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Graph Drawing
Drawing in two dimensions
Building point charts
Creating a line graph based on a function
Adding labels and axes
Graphing a spreadsheet
Area charts
Multiple area charts
Styling a graph
Adding legends
Using Flex for charts
Chapter 2: Working with Data
Preparing your data
Embedding CSV files
Loading a data file from the Internet
Loading a file from the local hard drive
Loading data with XML
Loading data from Excel files
Consuming the REST services
Exporting data as CSV to import in Excel
Exporting data to a PDF file
Chapter 3: Creating Bar Charts
Drawing a bar chart with Flex
Building vertical bar charts
Creating comparison bar charts
Drawing histograms
Creating sparklines to enrich text content
Making 3D bar charts
Chapter 4: Drawing Different Types of Graphs
Drawing a pie chart with Flex
Creating donut charts
Drawing meters and gauges
Making Venn diagrams
Building pyramid charts
Drawing bubble charts
Creating tag clouds
Creating a treemap
Chapter 5: Adding Interaction
Zooming and panning around a graph
Sending data updates to the graph
Making the points interactive: Hovering
Selecting data points in the graph
A dynamic graph based on an editable table
Dragging data points to new values
Linking graphs
Chapter 6: Mapping Geographical and Spatial Data
Showing a map using the API
Adding points of interest to a map
Parsing data to use as region fill
Coloring a map
Adding multiple layers to a map
Overlaying a heat map
Chapter 7: Animating a Graph
Animating between two data sets
Animating a meter
Automatic updates
Zooming in on a specific data set
Animating subway locations
Chapter 8: Creating a Relational Network
Preparing the data
Creating the visual for a node
Arranging and linking the nodes
Navigating through the relational network
Animating the transitions
Adding sounds
Chapter 9: Creating Three-Dimensional Graphs
Drawing in 3D: a 3D starter project
Creating a 3D column chart
Moving around the chart
Beyond the cube, drawing different shapes
Graphing tabular data in 3D
Styling the graph with different materials
Graphing a function in three dimensions
Chapter 10: Working with Various 3D Graph Types
Mapping keyboard usage in 3D, part 1: The model
Mapping keyboard usage in 3D, part 2: The data
3D world population chart, part 1: The globe
3D world population chart, part 2: Dressing up
3D world population chart, part 3: The data

What You Will Learn

  • Import data from various sources
  • Organize the various visual elements of a graph
  • Draw many types of charts, such as bar, line and pie charts, meters and many more
  • Make graphs interactive with hover and zoom effects
  • Work with geographical data and maps
  • Animate graphs with real time data
  • Show and interact with network displays
  • Discover three dimensional drawing and graphing

In Detail

"A picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true than when representing large sets of data. Bar charts, heat maps, cartograms, and many more have become important tools in applications and presentations to quickly give insight into complicated issues.

The "ActionScript Graphing Cookbook" shows you how to add your own charts to any ActionScript program. The recipes give step-by-step instructions on how to process the input data, how to create various types of charts and how to make them interactive for even more user engagement.

Starting with basic ActionScript knowledge, you will learn how to develop many different types of charts.

First learn how to import your data, from Excel, web services and more. Next process the data and make it ready for graphical display. Pick one of the many graph options available as the book guides you through ActionScript’s drawing functions. And when you’re ready for it, branch out into 3D display.

The recipes in the "ActionScript Graphing Cookbook" will gradually introduce you into the world of visualization.


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