Zander Brumbaugh

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Zander Brumbaugh is an independent programmer, project manager, and game designer. The games he has made or contributed to have been played more than 300 million times. He has created popular games including Anime Lifting Simulator, My Salon, Munching Masters, Power Simulator amongst others. Zander currently attends the University of Washington and is part of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. At the time of writing, Zander is 19 years old.

Books from Zander Brumbaugh

  1. Coding Roblox Games Made Easy
    Publisher's note: This edition from 2021 is outdated and does not make use of the most recent Roblox features and Luau programming scenarios. A new second edition, updated for Roblox, Luau scripting from scratch, 2 end-to-end games, and a bonus chapter on 50 cool things to do on Roblox has now been published.
  2. Coding Roblox Games Made Easy - Second Edition
    Get up and running with Roblox environment and Luau programming basics to build and share your games