Yohan Wadia

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Yohan Wadia is a client-focused evangelist and technologist with an experience of more than 8 years in the cloud industry. He focuses on helping customers succeed with cloud adoption. As a technical consultant, he guides customers with pragmatic solutions that leverage cloud computing through either Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, or Google Cloud Platform and make practical and business sense.

Books from Yohan Wadia

  1. Mastering AWS Lambda
    Build cost-effective and highly scalable Serverless applications using AWS Lambda.
  2. AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide - Second Edition
    Leverage this step-by-step guide to build a highly secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable Cloud environment
  3. AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide
    Learn to design, build, and manage your infrastructure on the most popular of all the Cloud platforms - Amazon Web Services
  4. Implementing AWS: Design, Build, and Manage your Infrastructure
    Work through exciting recipes to administer your AWS cloud