Xury Greer

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Xury is a digital media generalist and educator in the Greater Seattle Area. He earned his bachelor's degree in game design from Lake Washington Institute of Technology. He specializes in 3D characters, and technical art, and loves to share his knowledge. Xury is an avid member and Co-Organizer of the Seattle Blender User Group and aims to help others by teaching Blender, as well as other 3D content creation tools. He is always excited to get new users started on their digital media production journey.

Books from Xury Greer

  1. Blender 3D By Example - Second Edition

    Get up and running with Blender 3D through a series of practical projects that will help you learn core concepts of 3D design like modeling, sculpting, materials, textures, lighting, and rigging using the latest features of Blender 2.83

  2. Sculpting the Blender Way
    Get started with the latest sculpting features in Blender 3D and learn key sculpting workflows such as Dynotopo, Voxel Remesher, QuadriFlow, and Multiresolution