Xun (Brian) Wu

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Xun (Brian) Wu has over 17 years of extensive hands-on experience in design and development with blockchain, big data, the cloud, UIs, and system infrastructure. Brian is a co-author of Blockchain Quick Start Guide, Hyperledger Cookbook, Security Tokens and Stablecoins Quick Start Guide, Blockchain By Example, and Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week, and is a technical reviewer for more than 50 books for Packt. He owns several patents in the blockchain area. He holds a master's degree in computer science from NJIT. He lives in New Jersey with his two beautiful daughters, Bridget and Charlotte. I would like to thank my parents, wife, and children for their patience and support throughout this endeavor.

Books from Xun (Brian) Wu

  1. Blockchain By Example
    Implement decentralized blockchain applications to build scalable Dapps
  2. Blockchain Development with Hyperledger
    Learn quick and effective techniques for developing blockchain-based distributed ledgers with ease
  3. Learn Ethereum
    Explore the blockchain-based decentralized platform and understand how Ethereum works with Dapps examples