Xun (Brian) Wu

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Xun (Brian) Wu is a senior blockchain architect and consultant. He has written eight books on popular fields within blockchain, such as Hyperledger and Ethereum (from beginning to advanced), published by O'Reilly and Packt. Brian has 18+ years of hands-on experience across various technologies, including blockchain, big data, the cloud, systems, and infrastructure UI. He has worked on more than 50 projects in his career.

Books from Xun (Brian) Wu

  1. Blockchain By Example
    Implement decentralized blockchain applications to build scalable Dapps
  2. Blockchain Development with Hyperledger
    Learn quick and effective techniques for developing blockchain-based distributed ledgers with ease
  3. Security Tokens and Stablecoins Quick Start Guide
    A complete guide to understanding, developing, and testing popular security-token smart contracts
  4. Learn Ethereum
    Explore the blockchain-based decentralized platform and understand how Ethereum works with Dapps examples