Wai Tak Wong

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Wai Tak Wong is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Kean University, NJ, USA. He has more than 15 years professional experience in cloud software design and development. His PhD in computer science was obtained at NJIT, NJ, USA. Wai Tak has served as an associate professor in the Information Management Department of Chung Hua University, Taiwan. A co-founder of Shanghai Shellshellfish Information Technology, Wai Tak acted as the Chief Scientist of the R&D team, and he has published more than a dozen algorithms in prestigious journals and conferences. Wai Tak began his search and analytics technology career with Elasticsearch in the real estate market and later applied this to data management and FinTech data services.

Books from Wai Tak Wong

  1. Advanced Elasticsearch 7.0
    Master the intricacies of Elasticsearch 7.0 and use it to create flexible and scalable search solutions