Vivek Bhadra

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Vivek Bhadra is an embedded systems consultant providing embedded software solutions to world-leading companies across the world. He has been designing and developing high-quality system software over the last two decades in C, C++, and Python. Other areas of expertise include Linux Device Driver development, development of middleware, high-performance application in various business domains. He has provided end-to-end software solutions and services to eminent clients like ST-Microelectronics, Dilithium Networks, Itaas, BSkyB, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Samsung, Imagination Technologies (Sondrel), Qualcomm, Ideal Networks, Siemens, Raymarine Ltd., and SONY.

Books from Vivek Bhadra

  1. C++ Templates Up and Running
    Understand complex template concepts with the help of practical example code and detailed explanations