Valerio De Sanctis

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Valerio De Sanctis is a skilled IT professional with 20 years of experience in lead programming, web-based development, and project management using ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and JavaScript-based frameworks. He held senior positions at a range of financial and insurance companies, most recently serving as Chief Technology and Security Officer at a leading IT service provider for top-tier insurance groups. He's an active member of the Stack Exchange Network, providing advice and tips on the Stack Overflow, ServerFault, and SuperUser communities; he is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies. He's the founder and owner of Ryadel and the author of many best-selling books on back-end and front-end web development.

Books from Valerio De Sanctis

  1. ASP.NET Core 3 and Angular 9 - Third Edition
    Build a simple, yet fully-functional modern web application using .NET Core 3.1, Entity Framework Core and Angular 9
  2. ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular - Fourth Edition
    Build robust modern web applications using .NET 5, Entity Framework Core, and Angular 11
  3. ASP.NET Core 6 and Angular - Fifth Edition
    Design, build and deploy robust web applications using ASP.NET 6, Angular 13, and Entity Framework Core