Tamas Piros

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Tamas Piros is a full stack web developer turned technical trainer who has a decade of experience working with prestigious organisation throughout the world including Credit Suisse, Verizon, BBC and Accenture to mention a few. Throughout his professional career, he has delivered presentations and workshops all over the world to a mix of technical and non-technical audiences. He has recently launched a blog dedicated to developers wishing to read articles around the latest & greatest tech. He also owns a training business in London, UK called Full Stack Training Ltd. He is active on Twitter as well so you can follow him there by searching for @tpiros.

Books from Tamas Piros

  1. Mastering TypeScript Programming Techniques [Video]
    Develop your TypeScript capabilities with object-oriented and functional programming, design patterns, Node.js and more!
  2. Beginning Server-Side Application Development with Angular [eLearning]
    Discover how to rapidly prototype SEO-friendly web applications with Angular Universal
  3. Beginning API Development with Node.js
    Build highly scalable, developer-friendly APIs within the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem
  4. An Introduction to Typescript [Video]
    Master TypeScript basics