Sven Vermeulen

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Sven Vermeulen (sjvermeu on Twitter) is a long-term contributor to various free software projects and the author of several online guides and resources, including the Gentoo Handbook. He got his first taste of free software in 1997 and never looked back. Within SELinux, Sven contributed several policies to the Reference Policy project, and actively participated in policy development and user space development projects. In his daily job, Sven is an enterprise architect in a European financial institution as well as a self-employed solution engineer and consultant. Prior to this, he graduated with an MSE in computer engineering from Ghent University and an MSc in ICT enterprise architecture from IC Institute.

Books from Sven Vermeulen

  1. SELinux System Administration - Second Edition
    Ward off traditional security permissions and effectively secure your Linux systems with SELinux
  2. SELinux System Administration - Third Edition
    Enhance Linux security, application platforms, and virtualization solutions with SELinux 3 to work within your boundaries, your rules, and your policies