Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan

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Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan is DevOps architect at Varian Medical Systems. He has introduced Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud-native tools to Varian product development to enable "Everything as Code". He has years of software development experience in a wide variety of fields, including networking, storage, medical imaging, and currently, DevOps. He has worked to develop scalable storage appliances specifically tuned for medical imaging needs and has helped architect cloud-native solutions for delivering modular AngularJS applications backed by microservices. He has spoken at multiple events on incorporating AI and machine learning in DevOps to enable a culture of learning in large enterprises. He has helped teams in highly regulated large medical enterprises adopt modern agile/DevOps methodologies, including the "You build it, you run it" model. He has defined and leads the implementation of a DevOps roadmap that transforms traditional teams to teams that seamlessly adopt security- and quality-first approaches using CI/CD tools. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree from College of Engineering, Guindy, and a Master of Science degree from University of Maryland, College Park.

Books from Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan

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