Sergii Nesterenko

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Sergii Nesterenko is an Information Security Consultant and Penetration Tester with 20 years' experience in information security and 6 years' in the cybersecurity field. He consults international business companies, military staff, NGOs, politicians, Members of Parliament, law enforcement, and other VIPs on security issues. His wide knowledge of information technologies and human psychology lets him elaborate effective technologies to prevent and overcome the most cunning cyberattacks. He is known for his publications and lectures on cybersecurity, anti-fraud, and counter- cyber-espionage issues. website: LinkedIn:

Books from Sergii Nesterenko

  1. Cybersecurity: Methods of Protection (Blue Team Activity) [Video]
    Learn how to harden every host in the network and how to find a spy in your network
  2. Cybersecurity Attacks (Red Team Activity) [Video]
    Learn about the different kinds of cyber attacks and how they can be executed