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Samuel Dauzon

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Samuel Dauzon is a web developer. After two years of studying networks and their administration, he decided to head for development. He regularly tries out the latest development technologies for his customers. He is interested in software quality and security. He is also interested in web frameworks and has studied Symfony2 and ExtJS. He works primarily on CodeIgniter2 and Django. He previously worked for CER FRANCE 49 (an accounting firm) for one year, where he created some software that was used internally with the WebDev software. Presently, he works for ILTR, a web development company specializing in ASP, PHP, and CodeIgniter2. For over two years, he has also worked as a freelance web developer (in PHP, Django, and so on).

Books from Samuel Dauzon

  1. Django: Web Development with Python
    RRP $67.99 Save 85%
    From an idea to a prototype – a complete guide for web development with the Django framework
  2. Django Essentials
    RRP $13.99 Save 29%
    Develop simple web applications with the powerful Django framework.