Samer Najia

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Samer has been extremely interested in things that fly since he was six years old. An avid pilot, flight instructor, rocketeer and plastic modeler, he has been building things that fly or look like they might for as long as he can remember, including a full scale aircraft in the garage. Samer has a background in Mechanical Engineering and is a CNC and Laser hobbyist, but currently is working in IT – specifically software development. Samer resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife and two children and participates in his local maker space by teaching metal shaping techniques, rocketry and homebuilt aircraft construction.

Books from Samer Najia

  1. A Tinkerer's Guide to CNC Basics
    Get started in the world of CNC machining with this hands-on guide that tells you exactly what you need to know without overloading you with useless theory