Roy Jafari

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Roy Jafari, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at the University of Redlands.

Roy has taught and developed advanced college-level courses that cover data cleaning, decision making, data science, data mining, machine learning, and optimization.

Roy’s style of teaching is hands-on and he believes the best way to learn is to learn by doing. He likes to use the active learning teaching philosophy and Readers will get to experience active learning in this book.

Roy, who is known as Ruholla Jafari Marandi in the research community, has authored scientific research publications. In his research, Roy has contributed new data mining and decision-making algorithms. He has also shown various applications of data mining and machine learning and provided steps for more fair and equitable applications of machine learning.

Roy believes successful data preprocessing happens only when one is equipped with the most efficient tools, has the appropriate understanding of data analytic goals, and knows the steps of data preprocessing, and can compare a variety of methods. This belief has shaped the structure his upcoming book Hands-on Data Preprocessing in Python.

Books from Roy Jafari

  1. Hands-On Data Preprocessing in Python
    This book will make the link between data cleaning and preprocessing to help you to take effective business decisions using data analytics