Robert Wiebe US

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Robert Wiebe has more than 30 years’ experience designing, implementing, and testing software. He wrote his first game in 1979 as a high school student. He has focused on developing games and utilities for Android, iOS, and OS X. He has written the following apps: Video Kiosk, ShredIt, NetShred, Coconut Hut, and many more. His interests include Unity 2D/3D game engine, developing video series, writing books, and researching virtual reality games. He has experience in developing software for a number of industries, including mining, finance, and communications. After working for other people’s companies, he founded his own companies, Mireth Technology, and BurningThumb Studios, which are his primary interests today.

Books from Robert Wiebe US

  1. Unity iOS Essentials
    Develop high performance, fun iOS games using Unity 3D with this book and ebook
  2. Mac Application Development by Example: Beginners Guide
    A comprehensive and practical guide, for absolute beginners, to developing your own App for Mac OS X book and ebook.
  3. Game Development Patterns with Unity 2019 [Video]
    Utilize common patterns to solve common problems to write clean and modular code quickly and efficiently