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Reto Bachmann-Gmür

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Reto Bachmann-Gmür, first learned about the Web in 1996, and believed it to be the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for technology with his desire to do something socially relevant. However, he got buried under information overload of the Web, and hardly got a chance to breathe until he finally heard about the semantic Web in 2002. He started development on various open source projects that were designed as better means to deal with the ever-growing information, ideally of course in a decentralized fashion without any position, and which were able to control the free flow of information. He worked on Graph Versioning with the Jena team at HP Laboratories, and on Semantic Content Management with Adobe. Since he hasn't fixed the world yet, he's increasingly trying to get others to do the job, partially with his consulting firm wymiwyg.com and partially fathering his 10-year-old son, ultimately spending less time fixing and more time enjoying.

He's a member of the Apache foundation and is active in various Semantic Web-related Apache projects.

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