Ravi Devarasetty

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Ravi Devarasetty is originally from India and came to the United States for his higher education. He started his IT career in embedded software development, moved into 24x7 network operations, later transitioned into secure web gateways, and now works in public cloud security. He likes constant learning, both through self-study and via mentoring relationships. He likes to tinker with technology and loves it when he is able to put the things he has learned toward creating a unique solution. He has experience working as a Zscaler solution deployment engineer as part of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and as a Zscaler consultant. He holds multiple Zscaler certifications, and is also certified in CISSP, CCSK, AlienVault, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

Books from Ravi Devarasetty

  1. Zscaler Cloud Security Essentials
    Harness the capabilities of Zscaler to deliver a secure, cloud-based, scalable web proxy and provide a zero-trust network access solution for private enterprise application access to end users