Rajesh R V

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Rajesh R V is a seasoned IT architect with over 20 years of extensive experience in various technologies.

As the head of architecture at the Emirates Group, Rajesh has helped the company transform, reshape, and re-organize into a high-performing organization by adopting SAFe and Agile architecture practices.

Rajesh has a deep passion for technology and architecture. He also architected the Open Travel Platform (OTP) that earned the Emirates Group the prestigious 2011 Red Hat Innovation Award.

He previously wrote the best-selling books, Spring Microservices and, Spring 5.0 Microservices, and reviewed Service-Oriented Java Business Integration by Packt.

Books from Rajesh R V

  1. Becoming an Agile Software Architect
    A guide to successfully operating in a lean-agile organization for solutions architects and enterprise architects