Rafal Swidzinski

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Rafal Swidzinski is a technical lead for Cisco Meraki. With over 10 years of professional experience as a full-stack developer he was able to experiment with vast multitude of programming languages and technologies. During this time he was building software under his own company and for corporations like Amazon and Ericsson.

Originally from Łódź, Poland, he's now living in London, UK from where he's running a YouTube channel "Smok" discussing topics of software development. Through high quality software videos, he tackles technical problems, including real life and work related challenges encountered by many people in the field. He explains the technical concepts in detail and demystifies the craft of being a software engineer.

Books from Rafal Swidzinski

  1. Modern CMake for C++
    Write comprehensive professional-standard CMake projects and ensure the quality and simplicity of your solutions