Sean Lang

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Sean Lang attends the Milwaukee School of Engineering; he is currently majoring in software engineering. Even though he is a freshman there, he is by no means new to the field. He has been teaching himself software development for the last four years, and during this time, he has done extensive volunteer work for open source software projects. These include roots (a toolkit for building web apps), the Jade template engine, nib (a set of utilities for advanced web page styling), and a myriad of smaller projects. In addition to this, he has been doing freelance web designing and consulting, which is especially convenient because it gives him an opportunity to use the open source tools that he has been developing in production. He started writing this book about Jade to supplement the existing documentation and help teach people the language. Also, he had never written a full book before, so he was really interested and excited to know what being an author is like.

Books from Sean Lang

  1. Web Development with Jade
    Knowing Jade makes life simpler and more productive for web developers, and this book will teach you the language concisely and thoroughly using lots of practical examples and best practices for a solid grounding.