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Mark AuCoin

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Having been in the industry since 1992, Mark AuCoin has been involved in many different software projects. Starting out in application development, he learned about business needs while building robust client/server and ERP systems using Microsoft and Java development tools. Migrating to the internet, he was able to leverage his years of database and reporting skills to create business class web-enabled applications. Then a funny thing happened – Microsoft CRM. Mark was impressed with the ability to focus more on the business needs and “what” needs to get done instead of worrying so much about “how” it was going to get done. Since diving into Dynamics CRM in 2006, Mark took his own Dynamics CRM mobile solution to market, attained Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist status for CRM and is a CRM Solution Specialist for Navantis Inc, which won the 2010 CRM Solution Partner of the Year award from Microsoft Canada.

Books from Mark AuCoin

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Dashboards Cookbook
    RRP $23.99 Save 58%
    Figuring out Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamic CRM doesn’t have to be complicated. The smart way to learn is by following these 50+ recipes that help you visualize your CRM data clearly and communicatively.