Dave Calabrese

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Dave Calabrese is an independent professional video game developer who has worked in the industry since 2002. Starting as an intern and working his way up to running his own small studio, Cerulean Games, he strives to produce fun and quality entertainment while also inviting others to learn from his experience and mistakes. Dave has had the opportunity to work on branded projects for top names and produce titles for multiple platforms, including Xbox 360, iOS, PC, and Mac. Today, he continues to produce fun and original games, participate in game jams, and author books.

Books from Dave Calabrese

  1. Unity 2D Game Development
    RRP $14.99
    2D games aren�t just fun to play, with this book they�re a blast to develop. That�s because the guide takes you through every step of creating a fully featured platform game using Unity 4.3, easily and imaginatively.