Damien Bruyndonckx

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Damien Bruyndonckx is the co-owner and the pedagogical director of DiDaXo, a Belgium-based eLearning company. Damien has 15+ years experience in the field of eLearning and has been using Captivate since version 1. Damien is the co-author of the Mastering Adobe Captivate series and regularly speaks at conferences all around the world. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor, an Adobe Education Leader and holds an Elementary School Teacher degree.

Books from Damien Bruyndonckx

  1. Mastering Adobe Captivate 8
    Create responsive demonstrations, simulations, and quizzes for multiscreen delivery with Adobe Captivate
  2. Mastering Adobe Captivate 7
    Bring a new level of interactivity and sophistication to your e-learning content with the user-friendly features of Adobe Captivate. This practical tutorial will teach you everything from automatic recording to advanced tips and tricks.
  3. Mastering Adobe Captivate 6
    Take your e-learning content to the next level with this fantastic guide to mastering Adobe Captivate. You’ll learn by completing three sample projects that cover everything. If you can use Windows or Mac you can do this course.
  4. Entreprise LMS with Adobe Captivate Prime
    Discover strategies for publishing online training content, supporting a training platform on a day-to-day basis, evaluating training effectiveness, and ensuring return on investment of your organization's training offering