Colin Holgate

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Colin Holgate was originally trained as a telecommunications technician in the Royal Air Force, but with the advent of the personal computer era, he transitioned to working as a technical support engineer for companies, which included Apple Computers, UK.

In 1992, he moved to the US to become a full-time multimedia programmer working for The Voyager Company. In that role, he programmed several award-winning CD-ROMs, including A Hard Day's Night and This Is Spinal Tap.

For the last 17 years, Colin worked for Funny Garbage, a New York City-based web design company. In addition to using Adobe Director and Adobe Flash for online and kiosk applications, he has used LiveCode to create in-house and client production tools. At the RunRevLive Conference in 2011, Colin entered and won a contest to create a mobile application made with LiveCode.

Books from Colin Holgate

  1. LiveCode Mobile Development: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition
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    Create interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS with LiveCode
  2. LiveCode Mobile Development Beginner's Guide
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    With this book and your basic programming knowledge, you’ll find it easy to use LiveCode to create mobile apps for Android and iOS. A great starting point for taking the app store by storm.