Aung Sithu Kyaw

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Aung Sithu Kyaw is passionate about graphics programming, creating video games, writing, and sharing knowledge with others. He holds an MSc degree in digital media technology from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He worked as a research associate, which involved implementing a sensor-based real-time movie system using Unreal Development Kit. In 2011, he founded a tech start-up focusing on interactive media productions and backend server-side technologies.

Books from Aung Sithu Kyaw

  1. Unity AI Game Programming - Second Edition
    Leverage the power of Unity 5 to create fun and unbelievable AI entities in your games!
  2. Unity 4.x Game AI Programming
    Use your basic knowledge of Unity3D to add effective artificial intelligence to your games. This tutorial will take you through all the essentials, from flocking to pathfinding, from navigation graphs to behavior trees.
  3. Unity 2017 Game AI programming - Third Edition
    Use Unity 2017 to create fun and unbelievable AI entities in your games with A*, Fuzzy logic and NavMesh
  4. Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming - Fourth Edition
    Learn and Implement game AI in Unity 2018 to build smart game environments and enemies with A*, Finite State Machines, Behavior Trees and NavMesh.
  5. Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginner's Guide
    RRP $26.99
    With your C++ skills and our writers’ know-how, you’re well on your way to using the Irrlicht Engine for your 2D and 3D applications. No prior knowledge of Irrlicht needed – this book goes from installation to deployment.