Arie Geller

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Arie Geller is an independent IT consultant, with more than 30 years of experience with systems analysis, software development, IT infrastructure, etc. He started to use HTML DB 1.6 (the former name of APEX) to develop data centric Web applications in the Oracle environment, and continue doing so, with all the following versions, until today.

Arie has specialized in developing Right-To-Left-oriented applications, and he brings his expertise and experience in this field into the book. Arie is also an active member of the APEX community on OTN, where he assists other members and shares his knowledge and experience as much as he can.

Books from Arie Geller

  1. Oracle Application Express 3.2 - The Essentials and More
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    Develop Native Oracle database-centric web applications quickly and easily with Oracle APEX with this book and eBook