Alexander Hansal

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Alexander Hansal has worked as an IT professional in small, medium, and global corporations. Since 2001, Alexander works as a technical instructor and consultant for Siebel CRM and Oracle Business Intelligence in Europe. He enjoys teaching, and shares his knowledge and expertise in his classes at Oracle University and in his weblog,

Books from Alexander Hansal

  1. Oracle Siebel CRM 8 User Management: LITE
    Master user authentication, authorization, and data access control in Oracle’s Siebel CRM with this book and eBook
  2. Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management
    Install, configure, and manage a robust Customer Relationship Management system using Siebel CRM with this book and eBook
  3. Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Developer's Handbook
    Configure, Automate, and Extend Siebel CRM applications with this Oracle book and eBook