Alex Libby

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Alex Libby has a background in IT support. He has been involved in supporting end users for almost 20 years in a variety of different environments; a recent change in role now sees Alex working as an MVT test developer for a global distributor based in the UK. Although Alex gets to play with different technologies in his day job, his first true love has always been with the open source movement, and in particular experimenting with CSS/CSS3, jQuery, and HTML5. To date, Alex has written 11 books on subjects such as jQuery, HTML5 Video, SASS, and CSS for Packt, and has reviewed several more. Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Essentials is Alex's twelfth book for Packt, and second completed as a collaboration project.

Books from Alex Libby

  1. HTML5 Video How-To
    Over 20 practical, hands-on recipes to encode and display videos in the HTML5 video standard with this book and ebook.
  2. Sass Essentials
    Develop efficient and streamlined CSS styles using Sass for any website or online application with minimal effort and maximum scope for reusability in future projects
  3. Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Essentials
    Design and deliver an optimal user experience for all devices
  4. Responsive Media in HTML5
    Learn effective administration of responsive media within your website or CMS system using practical techniques
  5. Mastering PostCSS for Web Design
    Explore the power of PostCSS to write highly performing, modular, and modern CSS code for your web pages
  6. Mastering jQuery
    Elevate your development skills by leveraging every available ounce of jQuery
  7. Learning Less.js
    Develop attractive CSS styles efficiently, using the Less CSS preprocessor
  8. jQuery UI 1.10: The User Interface Library for jQuery
    Need to learn how to use JQuery UI speedily? Our guide will take you through implementing and customizing each library component in clear, concise steps, all supported by practical examples to make learning faster.
  9. Instant SASS CSS How-to
    Learn to write more efficient CSS with the help of the SASS CSS library using practical, hands-on recipes