Primož Gabrijelčič

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Primož Gabrijelčič started coding in Pascal on 8-bit micros in the 1980s and he never looked back. In the last 20 years, he was mostly programming high-availability server applications used in the broadcasting industry. A result of this focus was the open sourced parallel programming library for Delphi—OmniThreadLibrary. He's also an avid writer and has written several hundred articles, and he is a frequent speaker at Delphi conferences where he likes to talk about complicated topics, ranging from memory management to creating custom compilers.

Books from Primož Gabrijelčič

  1. Hands-On Design Patterns with Delphi
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    Get up to speed with creational, structural, behavioral and concurrent patterns in Delphi to write clear, concise and effective code
  2. Mastering Delphi Programming: A Complete Reference Guide
    Use structural, behavioral, and concurrent patterns in Delphi to skillfully develop applications