Preston Miller

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Preston Miller is a consultant at an internationally recognized risk management firm. Preston holds an undergraduate degree from Vassar College and a master's degree in digital forensics from Marshall University. While at Marshall, Preston unanimously received the prestigious J. Edgar Hoover Foundation's scientific scholarship. Preston is a published author, recently of Python Digital Forensics Cookbook, which won the Forensic 4:cast Digital Forensics Book of the Year award in 2018. Preston is a member of the GIAC advisory board and holds multiple industry-recognized certifications in his field.

Books from Preston Miller

  1. Python Digital Forensics Cookbook
    Over 60 recipes to help you learn digital forensics and leverage Python scripts to amplify your examinations
  2. Learning Python for Forensics
    Learn the art of designing, developing, and deploying innovative forensic solutions through Python
  3. Learning Python for Forensics - Second Edition
    Design, develop, and deploy innovative forensic solutions using Python