Prasad Mukhedkar

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Prasad Mukhedkar is a senior technical support engineer at Red Hat. His area of expertise is designing, building, and supporting IT infrastructure for workloads, especially large virtualization environments and cloud IaaS using open source technologies. He is skilled in KVM virtualization with continuous working experience from its very early stages, possesses extensive hands-on and technical knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. These days, he concentrates primarily on OpenStack and Cloudforms platforms. His other area of interest includes Linux performance tuning, designing highly scalable open source identity management solutions, and enterprise IT security. He is a huge fan of the Linux "GNU Screen" utility.

Books from Prasad Mukhedkar

  1. Mastering KVM Virtualization
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    Dive in to the cutting edge techniques of Linux KVM virtualization, and build the virtualization solutions your datacentre demands
  2. Mastering KVM Virtualization - Second Edition
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    Build KVM-based virtualization environments capable of scaling to the private and public cloud.